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we are in lima !!!!

overcast 10 °C

hi all,

we are in lima after 36 hours of flying..... that bit sucks.
bit hard to sleep when ya cant be flat !!!!!

wait in santiago airport for 8 hours was a bit of adrag, but lightened up witha few ales of local brew.
now i had a reason to sleep, but could not !
so it was a cold wait for the plnae (1 hour late)

lima cool and drizzly, people very friedly and very helpful.

after a quick sleep , we headed for some long awaited retail therapy.......... yay !!!!
not disapointed at all !!!!
the treking shops were a good hit, after a few piscos sours we had a great feed and hit the north face shop ...
yep, got us hook line and sinker (for those who dont know, north face is great treking gear)

blokes are not usualy the ones to enjoy retail therapy, but todzay was great.
We are now ready for the cold Cuzco region (thanks to north face shop)

hey james the pisco sours are pretty good !!!!! after 3 or so you have no choice but to relax

tomorrow we will hit lima central (old city) for some more spanish exercises ...... i am gettin used to sayin grassy arse--

after only a few hours of fast sleep we will hit the hay early tonite for a big day tomorrow.

will advise of local ,obile number for sms or voice contact.

greg and lisa

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The Flight from Sydney

A well earnt sleep in Sydney, up early to airport for check in a breaky.
Kids are in order with nana - getting spoilt with a cooked sunday breaky.

Great to wake up and not even think about checking emails or looking at my blackberry for messages.

Next stop is Chile.

Lisa and Greg

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Nana's here, kids sorted, we're off !!!!

Anyone would think we're excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nana (Lisa's Mum) arrived Thursday with a tonne of home baking (it's almost gone).

Saturday 5.30 AM could not sleep, too much on my mind for who or what I had not done for clients.
Up early to sort that bit (sorry if I forgot anyone / thing)

A quick sleep in Sydney tonite, up early for 16 hour flight (yuk !!!)
Perhaps a quiet galss of red to make me sleep and relax will do the trick.

Boots are run it (lord knows I'm gunna get to know em pretty well !!)
Back packs are loaded, plenty of SD cards for pictures.

We will purchase a local SIM card for SMS communications, we'll send to some folk to distribute if ya want.

Holy cow i'm lookin forward to this trip !!!!

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Getting close

5 more sleeps before wer're off ! YAY!!!
Almost 2 years of planning and waiting has arrived.
No phones, No email, just quality holiday time.

Heaps of room in ports (bags) for Peruvian souvenir's

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